Service and Support Administration



Service & Support Administration supports individuals in identifying and pursuing life goals while coordinating services across multiple systems. A Service & Support Administrator (SSA) is the primary point of coordination and will empower individuals through the person-centered planning process. 


SSA services are available to Auglaize County residents who have a documented life-long developmental disability that occurs prior to the age of 22 and have been determined eligible by a tool used by a Service & Support Administrator. 



Advocacy + Support for School-Age Children

A Childhood & Transition SSA can attend IEP meetings as a family advocate and link families and students to personal development and networking opportunities. SSAs also help to identify and navigate resources including accessing funding for services not payable through insurance or Medicaid.

Person-Centered Planning

SSAs will assist individuals and their teams use the person-centered planning process.  This means the individual receiving services speaks out about what they want, what is important to them, and what works and doesn’t work for them.  The SSA will develop, review, and revise the Individual Service Plan (ISP).  The ISP will include outcomes that are important to the individual such as those that assist them to engage in meaningful and productive activities, support community connections, and promote self-advocacy skills.  The ISP will also include outcomes that are important for the individual’s health and welfare. 

Assessment and Discovery

The SSA will coordinate an annual assessment that will take into consideration what is important to the individual to promote satisfaction and achievement of desired outcomes, what is important for the individual to maintain health and welfare, known and likely risks, the individual’s place on the path to community employment, and what is working and not working in their life.  

Employment Services

Individuals with disabilities have the right to make informed decisions about where they work, and to have opportunities to obtain community jobs that result in greater earnings, better benefits, improved health and enhanced quality of life.  SSAs will assist individuals choose where they are on their path to employment. 

Provider Selection

The SSA will ensure that individuals are provided the opportunity to select the service provider(s) of their choice that best meets their needs and desires. 

Local Funding Support

The SSA can assist in locating funding for services through waivers, state and local government assistance, and through Auglaize DD.  In some cases, eligibility requirements must be met.  An SSA can help determine which funding source might best meet your needs.  

Ongoing Supports

The SSA will provide on-going service coordination to assure services and outcomes are occurring in accordance with the ISP, are of the highest quality possible, and are provided to the satisfaction of the individual.  The SSA will assist in locating appropriate resources and make referrals to community agencies and service providers, as needed. 

Linkage and Referral

SSAs are well-versed in local resources and necessary items such as adaptive equipment and assistive technology.

Crisis Intervention

An SSA is on-call 24 hours a day to assist with emergency situations including urgent health and safety issues, and the reporting of Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs) which are then forwarded to the Investigative Agent (IA) for review.  


For additional information on children ages 3-22, please contact:

Whitney Langston, Childhood and Transition Manager

Phone: 419-629-2419 ext. 115



For additional information on adults 22 years or older, please contact:

Amanda Seigle, Individual and Medicaid Services Manager

Phone: 419-629-2419 ext. 116