22+ Years Old

Through Individual Support Services, we partner with each eligible individual and their family to support them through any challenges, adjustments and opportunities they face throughout life. Services for adults include service coordination for housing, benefits, employment, transportation, providers, community integration, health & safety, and much more. Services are driven by what is important to and for the person being supported by Auglaize DD.

Auglaize DD works with an individual’s chosen provider to ensure supports are in place to help that person live as independently and as inclusively as possible in their community. We authorize and monitor services based on individual need and with each person’s health and safety in mind.

Homemaker and Personal Care

Homemaker/Personal Care, often called HPC, supports a person to be more independent while meeting their daily living needs. Direct service providers help people with household chores and personal care.

Day Services

Offered by a number of providers in the area, day services include: vocational habilitation, group employment, and community employment. Individuals and their team determine the desired outcome of the services as well as appropriate provider(s).

Service and Support Administration

Service & Support Administration (SSA) supports individuals in identifying and pursuing life goals while coordinating services across multiple systems. An SSA is the primary point of coordination and empowers individuals through the person-centered planning process. 

Employment Services

Individualized plans may include services such as career exploration, job shadowing, job development, on-the-job training, job coaching, and integration services. Local providers of these job-related services partner with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) to ensure the mutual satisfaction of the employee and the employer.


Auglaize County has several transportation options for individuals with developmental disabilities. There are Non-Medical Transportation providers that can assist individuals with getting to and from adult day services, vocational habilitation services, group and community employment sites.

For additional information, please contact:

Amanda Seigle, Individual and Medicaid Services Manager

Phone: 419-629-2419 ext. 116



For additional information,  please contact:

Sherri Lowe, Director of Individual & Family Support Services

Phone: 419-629-1502 ext. 109