What is FSS Reimbursement?

FSS provides support to:

  • A family to care for their family member with disabilities at home. 

  • Enhance the quality of life for the family and the individual with developmental disabilities (DD). 


Families or gaurdians who have a DD eligible family member living in their home, actively recieving DD services and residing in Auglaize County.

For eligibility determination for county board services, please contact the Program Support Specialist at 419-629-2419, ext 207.


FSS is mandated by the State of Ohio and managed by the Auglaize County Board of DD. 

The maximum amount of reimbursement for each eligible individual is $600 per calendar year. 

What services or items are eligible for reimbursement through FSS funds?


Education or Training of an Individual’s Caregiver

Must be related to qualifying diagnosis.

Special Diets

For the purchase of food and/or equipment for a special prescribed diet related to qualifying diagnosis

Special Equipment

Must meet an assessed need related to qualifying diagnosis

Respite Care

A planned or unplanned break in care


For transportation to and from appointments with medical specialists

Other Qualifying Expenses

Must be related to qualifying diagnosis and may require review by the Director of EI, ISS or Superintendent
*It is the practice of the County Board to request copies of prescriptions for dietary and equipment needs.

What services or items are NOT eligible for reimbursement through

FSS funds?


Utility Bills

Medical + Dental Bills



Prescriptions and/or Medically Related Items

Speak with your Service and Support Administrator (SSA) or Service Coordinator to learn more about local resources which may be available to assist with the ineligible expenses listed above.

The completed FSS request from and required supporting documentation

should be sent to:

Attn: Family Support Services

Auglaize County Board of DD

20 East First Street

New Bremen, OH 45869


Families may contact their SSA or Service Coordinator with any additional questions.