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7 Things You Throw Away that Build Fine Motor and Speech and Language Skills

How many times have you said, “The kids had more fun playing with the boxes than the toy that was inside?”

It’s not the toy that creates engagement and learning experiences. It’s YOU!

Your animated, silly, and simple interactions with your infant or toddler help build joint attention and social regulation; the foundations of learning both fine motor and speech and language skills.

So before you get too deep into your spring cleaning, download our printable list of ideas using 7 simple objects from your home and follow Turning Trash into Treasure for Young Children on Facebook.

You can explore more learning opportunities for infants and toddlers at and For school-aged children, check out this video on turning trash into toys for learning.


submitted by: Abby Lammers, ABC Early Intervention Occupational Therapist, and LaRita Condon, ABC Early Intervention Speech Therapist