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  • *Digging or raking in dirt or sand (Use spoons or shovels or empty containers)
  • *Pushing or pulling a wagon (Load the wagon with something heavy and take stuffed animals for a walk)
  • Dance to music in the grass
  • Take a walk to search for rocks
    • *Have your child carry a small bag or backpack that the rocks can fit in
  • Draw with chalk while lying on belly or roll the chalk with your hand or foot
  • Chase after bubbles by running and jumping (may be safest to do while in the grass)
  • Play in water
    • *Picking up and dumping out buckets of water; can also use water bottles or empty containers
  • Use large paint brushes to dip in water and paint the sidewalk and watch it go away.


Words that are underlined can be used as target words during that activity.

*Can be used as a sensory calming activity.