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Stimulation Through Fun & Play!

Sensory… it’s what we use every day from waking up to going to bed. We use all our senses to get through the day by adapting to the information our senses tell us.

Babies and toddlers do the same thing; only they have not yet had all the experiences we as adults have had.

Our little ones need sensory stimulation to help them learn through fun and play!

Here are some simple and fun spring sensory activities:

Easter grass

  • Get a piece of paper and glue grass on.
  • Hide toys in it and have your child dig through it to find the items hiding.


  • With spring, you never know what to expect, so whether it’s muddy dirt or dry dirt; dig in and show your child that getting dirty can be fun!
  • If you have older kids, try planting a flower with them.


  • Put the sand in a bucket and hide items.
  • Put some sand on your driveway and walk over it!


  • Make a bird feeder with a pinecone, peanut butter and bird seed.
  • This activity provides many different textures, sights and smells!

Like adults, some children do not like all sights, sounds, smells, and textures. Children should not be pushed to touch anything they don’t want to.

It is important to show them it is safe and encourage them, but forcing a child to touch something they are not used to or are uncertain about may increase their fear.

Children who react in an unusual way to certain smells, sights, sounds, or textures may be sensory sensitive or have a sensory processing disorder.

If you have noticed your child limits his or her participation in daily routines such as play and eating, please see this basic sensory checklist for more information. You can also contact your child’s doctor or local Help Me Grow to get set up with an evaluation through our ABC Early Intervention Services.

Submitted by: Abby Lammers, ABC Early Intervention Occupational Therapist