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DSP Has the Heart to Make a Difference!

Laine Muston has worked as a Direct Service Professional (DSP) for nearly 14 years and has worked for Benchmark Human Services since 2010.

Laine is pictured with Zack who says, “Laine is a good friend to me.” Zack likes working with Laine because they have dance parties in the car, and she cheers him on during his Special Olympics bowling matches.

Zack shares that they even go out for ice cream afterwards if he bowls well!

Laine says the most rewarding part of working as a DSP are the smiles and hugs she receives which let her know she is truly appreciated.

“You have to have the heart,” says Laine. “It can’t be just a job or just a paycheck.”

Laine adds that if you’re heart isn’t in it, you’re not bettering yourself or making life better for the people you work with.

“They’re more like family than people I’m here to help,” says Laine.

The greatest lesson Laine feels she has learned from working as a DSP is how to appropriately parent a child with special needs.

Thank you, Laine, for your dedication to your profession and for all your time spent working and volunteering to improve the lives of others!