Say Howdy to Cowboy Troy!

Troy Brookhart, also known as Cowboy, lives in Waynesfield with his mom and dad, Heidi and Tom, as well as his dog (also named Cowboy), a horse and several goats.

Troy values his independence, and when he is not working at We Can Too in St. Marys, he enjoys helping out on the family farm and camping.

He also loves eating breakfast each morning with his dad at Koyote’s in Waynesfield. His mom says he is a regular and orders the same thing every day!

One of the ways Troy stays connected with his community is through the Proloquo2Go app on his iPod touch.

“Proloquo2Go is an Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) application that provides a ‘voice’ for people who cannot or have difficulty speaking,” said Angela Ahlers, Troy’s Service & Support Administrator with the Auglaize County Board of DD.

Ahlers noted that while Troy loves talking and joking with friends and family, people who are unfamiliar with him may not always be sure of what he is saying.

“The app allows Troy to be more independent by allowing him to order his own food at festivals and in restaurants,” said Ahlers. “He loves being a part of his community, and the portability of the iPod touch helps him do this.”