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5 Handy Diaper Box Uses

Diaper boxes…how many do we go through in those first couple years with a child?

The answer…A LOT! I typically use mine to store clothes in until it’s garage sale time.

One day, however, as I was packing clothes away, my 6 month old became super interested in the box; so I thought…what can I do to make this box a fun interaction?

I started with banging on the box. She looked at me, smiled and started to bang back. Imitation is one of the first keys to communication!!

We did this until she became disinterested. I then thought about what else we could do with the empty box and came up with this list of my 5 favorite activities:

  1. Imitation: Bang on the box and see if your little one will bang/hit the box after you.
  2. Use it as a table: Cut a flap off and sit your child on the floor with their feet facing into the box. Place toys on top. This will help to promote sitting with increased posture depending on the size of the “table.”
  3. Support: Kneel at the box and use it for support to play with items on the top.
  4. Games: A simple game of peek-a-boo! Use one of the flaps to bend forward to play this fun game!
  5. Imagination: For older kids, give them a crayon, marker, or paint so they can turn that box into a piece of artwork!

Remember, have fun with it! Help your child to become interested in these simple activities and come up with some fun ones of your own!! For additional ideas visit Disney Baby.

If you have any concerns with your child’s development or interactions with you or others, contact your child’s pediatrician or Help Me Grow.

Your child’s doctor can get you connected with other resources to get an evaluation completed with the ABC Early Intervention Services at the Auglaize County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

submitted by Abby Lammers: ABC Early Intervention Occupational Therapist