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Renovated Building Tour

A symbol of growth and progress.

November 16, 2020


While we’ve been thankful to maintain virtual services and supports throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we were disappointed at having to cancel our open house and building rededication in the spring of 2020.

We are hopeful that all who are interested in touring our renovated building will have the opportunity to do so very soon.

In the meantime, we created this brief video to not only offer a sneak peek at some of the changes, but to provide a glimpse into the past.

Many people are aware that the original Auglaize School was part of a grassroots effort by parents to create new opportunities for their children.

The vision of the parents and families who planted the seeds of growth and development has grown over the years in ways we’re sure they hoped for; but may have never imagined.

As we reflect on the evolution of services for people with developmental disabilities in Auglaize County, we hope those who remember our building in New Bremen as a school and a workshop enjoy looking back as we celebrate and embrace how far we’ve come and how far we’ve yet to go!

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-Renee Place, Superintendent