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Heritage Center Considers All Abilities When Hiring

It is clear from watching Dawn Guillozet talk about her newest hires that she is happy for her employees and proud of the workplace environment she is creating.

“Overall, it’s been a very good experience, and everyone is capable of doing the job,” said Dawn who, in her role as a supervisor at Heritage Center in Minster, has hired four employees with disabilities over the past year.

Relationships: The Added Benefit of a Diverse Workforce

Holly enjoying a day of work at Heritage Center in Minster.

“Relationships!” The powerful word Dawn exclaimed when asked how Heritage has benefitted from having a diverse workforce.

Not only are relationships forming among coworkers, but they are developing between the residents and staff as well.

“The residents love them, and they love the residents,” said Dawn.

Carol and Holly, two of the new employees, can often be found at Heritage on their days off, enjoying activities with the residents.

Occasionally, Holly even takes her dog along to visit with the residents!

Another employee recently stated how much she loves working at Heritage where she feels accepted and is treated as an equal.

Support Matters for All

Carol posing for a picture with her supervisor Dawn, coworkers and SSA Elly.

Dawn discussed how helpful it is having Capabilities and the Auglaize DD always available for assistance when needed.

Capabilities, an employment services provider agency, matched the quality employees with Heritage based on their skills and personalities.

On-the-job supports were then provided to support the employees in learning the tasks of their new jobs.

If someone is struggling or needs assistance learning a new task, Dawn knows additional support and assistance is just a phone call away.

Just Give Them a Chance

Dawn’s advice to other employers thinking about hiring individuals with disabilities: “Just give them a chance!”

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