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No Slowing Down for Laura

Laura Boice at her home in St. Marys.

At age 88, you’d think Laura Boice of St. Marys, would be ready to slow down.

After spending a little time with her, however, you realize just the opposite is true.

Laura says she was institutionalized at the age of 12, which was very common for people with developmental disabilities in those days.

“I was mean to others,” said Laura, who did not like being away from her family in another part of the state.

At age 20, Laura’s sister helped her transition out of the institution.

Laura lived with her mother in a nursing home until her mother became ill and passed away.

She then moved to the Auglaize Group Home in Wapakoneta.

In 2005, Laura moved to Miami County prior to returning to Auglaize County in December 2012.

She has been living non-stop ever since!

Sharing her Passion for Art

Assisted by her Auglaize DD SSA, Laura presents on her love of painting to board members.

Assisted by her Service & Support Administrator, Amanda Seigle, at a recent Auglaize DD Board meeting, Laura talked about two of her favorite things to do: paint and gamble!

She shared some of her artwork, including watercolor prints and a painting which she let everyone in attendance know is for sale!

Laura says she enjoys creating artwork with melted crayons and coming up with her own ideas for her paintings.

She will, however, create artwork with specific colors and styles if requested.

In fact, Laura has sold several of her paintings and says she likes using the money she makes to go to the casino!

Celebrating Empowerment

In addition to participating in art classes, Laura is a member of Auglaize County People First, a self-advocacy group which promotes the rights of individuals with developmental disabilities.

As an active member, Laura helps with the club’s fundraising efforts.

She recently donated 3 paintings which were sold at the People First Quarter Auction.

Laura says she learns a lot of things at People First meetings, including safety skills and how to speak up for herself.

“I always wanted to speak up for myself,” says Laura.

Explaining to others what she wants to do is important to Laura.

As the Auglaize County Board of Developmental Disabilities celebrates 65 years of service, we are happy to do so by empowering Laura and others to do things they have never tried before and to speak up in ways they never imagined.

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